Research and Publication

We all know how important good research can be in informing good decisions. We also know how much time it can take, and how hard it is to get it done skilfully and within rapid time frames in the midst of organisational workloads. Drawing on my experience both as a senior academic with over 40 publications, and on the lessons of having conducted research and scholarship activities in system roles, I am well placed to respond to requests for briefing papers on particular agendas.

Some examples of my work might help you understand what I can offer. My own recent publication, “Authentic Learning: Why it matters and what we can do about it” can be purchased through Amazon at this link. Some time in May, the La Salle Academy at ACU will be publishing a monograph on the attributes of Catholic school graduates, based on a project commissioned by Brisbane Catholic Education. A brief from Catholic Education Ballarat has given rise to a paper (unpublished) on managing leadership succession within the system. Another significant piece of research was undertaken in support of Sydney Catholic Schools as it considered new structures for one of its school clusters.

If you are looking for a literature review with rigour to assist in discernment, get in touch. I may be able to assist you.