The links below will take you to a description of our major services:

Review and Evaluation

In an era of evidence informed practice, evaluation and review is more important than ever. A good report based on a valid and reliable evaluative methodology is a valuable resource and a solid basis for decision making. Sadly, the pressure of time and a lack of expertise often prevent busy practitioners from making the most… Continue reading Review and Evaluation

Professional Learning

In schools, my particular focus is working with middle leaders and leadership teams in support of their roles as leaders of learning. This involves assisting them to develop a shared ¬†understanding of the kind of learning outcomes and learning experiences they want for their students, and a serious consideration of students’ views of those experiences.… Continue reading Professional Learning

Process facilitation

There are times when having a skilled, objective outsider can be of assistance to a community or organisation as it engages with complex decision making and consultation, or significant events such as conferences. I can provide this type of expertise. As a skilled facilitator, I am able to assist with the design of processes that… Continue reading Process facilitation

Research and Publication

We all know how important good research can be in informing good decisions. We also know how much time it can take, and how hard it is to get it done skilfully and within rapid time frames in the midst of organisational workloads. Drawing on my experience both as a senior academic with over 40… Continue reading Research and Publication