Process facilitation

There are times when having a skilled, objective outsider can be of assistance to a community or organisation as it engages with complex decision making and consultation, or significant events such as conferences. I can provide this type of expertise.

As a skilled facilitator, I am able to assist with the design of processes that are inclusive, and structured to assist sound decision making. Through a combination of survey, interview and broader consultative meetings designed in close consultation with you, you can be confident of having a solid foundation for planning, both in terms of its substance, and the inclusion of key stakeholders who have felt heard.

Examples of the types of processes for which I have been facilitator are the Association of Catholic School Principals of NSW Conference on two occasions, Listening Assemblies for the then CEO in the Diocese of Parramatta, Conference facilitator for the National Council of Priests, Priest/Principal conferences in Parramatta, Lismore, Maitland-Newcastle.

If you are looking for a facilitator of a conference, seminar, or even large scale meeting, my combination of focussed preparation, a lively personal style, and a capacity to design innovative and productive processes will ensure a successful event.